Fitness:7 Ab Exercises for A Tummy Makeover

Many people store extra fat in their abdomen. If you’ve had children, your stomach muscles may be slightly separated, making them more likely to protrude.
If you want to makeover your tummy, you have to know what is possible and what’s not.
Ab exercises can help you build up muscle in the area, strengthen your core,and create a tighter midsection that’s less likely to bow out when you eat a big meal or have gas.
Ab exercises cannot help you shed that layer of fat that sits on top of the muscles.
Yes, you will burn calories when you work your abs. However, that calorie burn will cause your body to lose fat all over, according to Greatist.
If you incorporate more fat-burning workouts in with your tummy makeover exercises, eventually the layer of fat over your entire body will dissipate (assuming you have the proper diet in place).
If you’ve kept working your abs, that strong midsection will really start to shine through.
Here are 17 ab exercises that work your entire core without boring crunches, giving you better posture, a sleeker silhouette, and a flatter stomach.

Plank Jacks

This move requires no equipment. You can do it anywhere, including your cubicle at work.
Even if you only have a minute to exercise, you can raise your heart rate to burn calories while working your core. The secret is to hold in your abdominals tightly while you perform the exercise.
Make sure that your butt isn’t sagging toward the ground or raised high up in the air. Your body should form a relatively straight line from your head to your toes even as you’re moving your legs.

Ballerina Abs

One of the things that make ballerinas so graceful is their posture. According to Women’s Health, every move a dancer performs comes from the core. Their strong abs make everything they do seem effortless.
This ab move is a little more complicated than a crunch, which makes it more fun. Doing it will help tone the front, sides, and back of your core.

Spiderman Plank

Do this plank on your elbows or your hands to work your core in a slightly different manner each time. You will feel your muffin top getting stronger every time you bring your knee to your elbow.
Go slowly, focusing on holding your knee up as you bring it forward. You’ll target those muscles that wrap around your abdominals and spine, helping improve your posture and stability.

Swiss Ball Knee Tuck

If you have a large exercise ball, you can use it to work your abs. This move engages the front of your abdominals. It really strengthens your lower abs.
It also forces you to stabilize your back, strengthening it as you bring your legs in and out.

Seated Knee Tuck

If the Swiss ball knee tuck is too difficult, get stronger by doing the seated knee tuck. This is a great alternative to the traditional crunch.
If you don’t have a bench, you can do this while sitting sideways on a step or the floor. Keep your back straight, and try not to place too much weight on your hands while doing this exercise.

Windshield Wipers

This exercise combines strength training with flexibility work. It will make your spine more agile as it develops the muscles surrounding your abdomen. It even helps strengthen your lower abdominals, a common trouble spot for women.
Squeeze a towel, dumbbell or medicine ball between your knees for an added challenge.

Jack Knife Crunch

This exercise works your upper and lower core at the same time. You can make it more difficult by stretching your legs out. You can also alternate legs and arms to focus on different muscles.